A niche is the role an organism fills within its environment. What and where an animal eats are considered part of its niche. For instance, some birds, such as woodpeckers, eat insects in trees. This limits the bug popul... More » Science Biology

A lion's niche refers to its place in its ecosystem and the lion's niche is at the top of the food chain where it is responsible for eating numerous animal species. The lion's job in its ecosystem is to help control the ... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Large Cats

An animal's niche refers to its place in its ecological food chain, and a coyote's niche is at the top of the food chain as it does not have many, if any, predators. The coyote is a ferocious predator that preys on many ... More » Pets & Animals Mammals
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The niche that an organism occupies is the opening in the environment that the organism fills to make a living. A species' niche is its place in an ecosystem relative to the other organisms present. More » Science Biology

An organism's ecological niche refers to its role in its particular environment, including all the ways it affects both its physical habitat and the other organisms within it. For instance, a predator has an effect on it... More » Science Biology

Protozoa move by cell extension, flagella and cilia; the method of movement is determined by the type of organism and the surrounding environment. Protozoa are classified into three groups: ciliates, amoebae and flagella... More » Science Biology

Behavioral adaptation is the process by which an organism or a species changes its pattern of action to better suit its environment. It is contrasted with structural adaptation, which is the appearance of physical featur... More » Science Biology