Life for Anglo-Saxons typically consisted of farming during the day for the men and cooking, cleaning and weaving for the women. Even the children helped with the chores, learning their future duties from their parents. More » History Middle Ages

The Saxons were an ancient Germanic group who lived in the area of the Baltic coast. The group began spreading in the 400s AD and fought with the Franks in the late 700s. Saxons settled in modern-day Great Britain, where... More » History Ancient History

"Beowulf" reveals the essential values of the heroic warrior culture that characterizes Anglo-Saxon and other early Germanic societies. Their values uphold the warrior aristocracy, including loyalty and the high value pl... More »

The olden days are considered to be simpler times, and people living in that era wore simple clothes such as work pants and shirts for men and dresses for women. This is a broad statement, however, as clothing style chan... More »

In 1914, life was very different in America, and in many ways, it was much simpler. Women could not vote, and many young people did not finish school because they had to work and help support their families. Crimes were ... More »

William the Conqueror began life as William the Bastard, the illegitimate son of Robert I, Duke of Normandy. Robert died during his return from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, leaving the 8-year-old William as his heir. Willi... More »

Some of the negative aspects of the Crusades include massive loss of life, financial burdens that weakened the European nobility and a growth of hostility between religions. The Crusades lasted roughly from 1095 to 1270. More »