Android tablet refers to any tablet-sized computer that runs on Google's Android OS (operating system). Not only are Android based tablets capable of running work applications, but they can also be used for communication... More » Technology Mobile

A Google Android tablet works through the use of a processor, memory chips, storage chip and a battery. The processor is usually underclocked to reduce heat output. A graphics and sound processor provides the visuals and... More » Technology Mobile

To write good tutorials for Android tablets, develop them around specific purposes or for specific projects. Such projects may include how-to guides for beginners setting up a tablet, tutorials to teach users how to use ... More » Technology Mobile

An Android phone is a smartphone that uses the Android operating system developed by Google. The Android operating system is open-source, which allows different manufacturers, such as Motorola, Samsung and HTC, to produc... More » Technology Mobile

Android Jelly Bean is the name of the legacy version of Google's mobile operating system. Jelly Bean debuted as Android 4.1 on the Nexus 7 tablet in June 2012. Jelly Bean, or Android 4.1 through 4.3, is an updated expans... More » Technology Mobile

Most Samsung mobile phones use Google's Android operating system, but a few models use Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system or Samsung's own Bada operating system. All three operating systems are designed to work w... More »

To unlock a tablet that’s using the Android operating system, bypass the pattern lock, enter the username and password for your Google Account, and choose a new lock option. To unlock a tablet that runs on iOS, restore t... More »