and Computerworld provide instruction guides for the Android operating system. Both of these guides focus on phones running on Android, although its basic operation is the same on most Android devices. More »

To manually back up your Android phone, first go to Settings, tap Accounts & Sync, navigate to Accounts and check Auto-Sync Data. Use your device to sign in to your Gmail account, and select the options for the informati... More » Technology Mobile

Android's website offers tutorials on the Android Operating System for phones. Additionally, Google's support website offers a step-by-step guide to using the Android Operating System. More »

Android is an operating system used primarily on smart phones and other mobile devices. Although Android is owned and developed by Google, its code is open source, which means others can use the source code for their own... More » Technology Mobile

There are multiple websites dedicated to news and reviews of tablets based on the Android operating system such as, and For news about a specific brand or make of An... More » Technology Mobile

Most manufacturers of Android devices often provide replacement user guides for Android tablets. Many Android makers, such as Lenovo, Samsung and Google, have user manuals for their recent devices. Most users are require... More » Technology Mobile

User manuals for Android smartphones can typically be found on the official website of the phone's manufacturer. For example, the user manual for the Google Nexus 7 can be found in the Support section of Webs... More » Technology Mobile