To manually back up your Android phone, first go to Settings, tap Accounts & Sync, navigate to Accounts and check Auto-Sync Data. Use your device to sign in to your Gmail account, and select the options for the informati... More » Technology Mobile

Consumers can find user manuals for Android phones by visiting the website of the manufacturer and accessing the support section. Alternatively, they can find the manuals in the cellphone or smartphone sections of websit... More » Technology Mobile

There are a variety of locations to find a user manual for ZTE phones, including directly from or from the cell phone service provider. Although the ZTE website has support manuals for all of its products, ... More » Technology Mobile
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To reset an Android tablet, navigate to the Backup and reset menu from the Settings Menu, backup your data, select Factory data reset, and tap Reset Phone. Wait for the phone to restore the settings. The process is compl... More » Technology Mobile

To hard reset an Android phone, open the Settings menu on your phone, find the Backup and Reset menu, back up any important data, select Factory Data Reset, and press Reset Phone. Once you click the reset button, the pho... More » Technology Mobile

Use Android Device Manager or a third-party lost phone app, such as Plan B, to find a lost Android phone. Calling the phone and listening for the ringer is another option. More » Technology Mobile

An Android phone is a smartphone that uses the Android operating system developed by Google. The Android operating system is open-source, which allows different manufacturers, such as Motorola, Samsung and HTC, to produc... More » Technology Mobile