Events in the ancient Olympic games included races, the discus throw, wrestling, boxing and a primitive form of mixed martial arts called pankration. The first Olympics lasted only one day but was gradually expanded to t... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Olympics

During the ancient Olympics, events were held for boxing, chariot racing, running, javelin and discus. Events such as wrestling and jumping were also included. More »

There are a number of differences between the ancient Olympic Games and modern Olympic Games, such as the fact that the ancient Olympics were held in Olympia while the first modern Olympics were held in Greece. During th... More »

The Olympic games are held as a way of promoting good relations and tolerance among different races, cultures, nationalities and religions across the globe. The opening ceremony of the games is considered a spectacle by ... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Olympics

The ancient Olympic Games took place in Olympia, in the western Peloponnese Islands. The area was considered a sanctuary and contained temples to Zeus and Hera, among other important structures. The games began there in ... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Olympics

According to the official Olympics website, the International Olympic Committee has supervised the modern Olympic games since the committee's inception in 1894. The first games held under the IOC's supervision were the g... More »

As of 2015, there are a total of 56 sports in the Olympic games. The number and types of events may change from one Olympiad to another and are subject to change as determined by the International Olympic Committee. More »