The Mayans were a prolific civilization that made advances in mathematics, science, invention and architecture. During the height of their civilization, they had cities that were structured not unlike a modern community,... More » History Middle Ages

There was no centralized Maya government. The Mayas lived in city-states, some of which were very large and others that were smaller. One noble family had control of each city-state and served as a sort of monarchy with ... More » Government & Politics Types of Government

Riviera Maya is located on the northeast coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. The Yucatán Peninsula separates the Caribbean Sea from the Gulf of Mexico in southeastern Mexico. More » Geography
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Three major achievements of the Mayan civilization were in architecture, astronomy and math. The Maya people were great builders who constructed roads, great cities and temples. Mayan cities had magnificent palaces, monu... More » History Ancient History Ancient America

The period referred to as the Islamic Golden Age lasted for just over 400 years, during which time huge advances were made in the fields of art, humanities and science. During this time, Baghdad become the intellectual c... More » History Middle Ages

The building of temples and great cities without modern machinery, using astronomy to predict astrological cycles and plant crops and using their language to communicate and measure time are some of the Mayans most notab... More » History Ancient History Ancient America

The types of weapons the Mayans used in warfare included long-distance weapons, close-in fighting armaments, defensive weapons and some unusual items, such as hornets and wasps. Long-distance weapons included bows and ar... More » History Ancient History Ancient America