Egyptian mummies were commonly buried with a collection of spells called The Book of the Dead. These spells were designed to provide protection and help the deceased person's spirit navigate through the underworld and in... More »

Some of the goddesses commonly worshipped in ancient Egypt were Bast or Bastet, Hathor, Neith, Isis and Nephthys. Other Egyptian goddesses included Nut and Tefnut. More » World View Religion

Elementary school children can make models of Egyptian pyramids or mummies; they can also learn how to write their names using hieroglyphic symbols. Pyramids are symbolic of ancient Egypt and can be constructed from a va... More » History Ancient History Ancient Egypt

The cataracts of Egypt are areas of a river, specifically the Nile, characterized by extreme shallowness and other obstacles that made them difficult to navigate for ancient Egyptians. Many smaller cataracts come and go ... More »

Ancient Egyptians lived throughout the Nile River valley and delta, shielded on all sides by deserts, seas, mountains and rapids. To the east, a small desert separates the river valley from the Red Sea, while the Sahara ... More »

Public education in ancient Egypt was very limited. Boys from wealthy families could attend school to learn how to become a scribe or doctor, but girls and lower-class boys were denied this opportunity. More »

Although slaves in ancient Egypt worked very hard and were at the disposal of their masters, ancient manuscripts and relics suggest that their lives were comparatively better than those of slaves in other cultures. In fa... More »