Athens, the capital of Greece, is famous for its art and architecture, prominent thinkers, the Acropolis, the original Olympic Games and democracy. The ancient city-state of Athens derived its name from the Greek goddess... More »

The foods enjoyed in ancient Athens were much like the foods found in other areas of Greece at the time and generally centered around wine, bread and olive oil. Although some meats were included in the diets of the ancie... More »

In ancient Athens, most boys had an interesting life that included going to school and playing games. However, some boys who were considered to be sickly or weak had vastly different paths laid out for them. More »

As of 2014, the estimated population of Athens, Greece, is 665,000. This number is a drop of over 100,000 residents since 2004, when the population was 796,400. The city's population decline is attributed to its aging re... More » Geography Europe Greece

Athens, Greece, had an estimated population of over 3.4 million people as of 2011. Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece and is located near the eastern coast of central Greece. Greece is estimated to have a t... More »

Athens is the capital city of Greece. This city of 3.252 million people was designated the capital of Greece in 1833 immediately after the country won its independence from the Ottoman Empire. More »

Athens is located in the southeastern corner of Greece, with the Aegean Sea to the northeast and the Mediterranean Sea to the southwest. Athens is situated 5 miles from the Bay of Phaleron, which is an inlet of the Aegea... More »