Evaluation, simplification, consideration and decision-making are the main skills behind analytical problem solving. Analytical problem solving requires a logical and methodical approach and the cooperation of multiple i... More »

Doing well on the analytical reasoning section of the LSAT is primarily a function of reading the questions carefully, diagramming the problems neatly and thinking through the answers logically in a step-by-step fashion,... More » offers a course in critical thinking and creative problem solving as of 2015. Consumers can choose from available dates to attend the workshop and whether to attend online or in person in locations such ... More »

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Problem-solving skills let students apply what they learn instead of just recalling information. It is a valuable skill in a wide range of fields. Knowing how to solve problems enables students to think critically. More »

Analytical listening is a way of listening to an audio composition whereby the meaning of the sounds are interpreted. An analytical listener actively engages in the music he is listening to, as opposed to passively enjoy... More »

Rational decision-making models are designs and plans of action that presumably benefit any person following them. These models involve a person following through with steps regarding decision-making until they reach a d... More »

Intelligence, design and choice are hallmarks of the Herbert Simon decision-making model. In the intelligence phase, information is gathered that helps define the impending decision. Alternative decisions develop through... More »