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A satelitte is a natural object moving around a larger object in space, or an artificial object sent up into space to travel around the earth. Asked in Astronomy, Planetary Science, The Moon


a satellite is an orbiter of a larger object. (astronomically) a moon The word "rotate" is used when an object moves around an axis within the object itself - it turns around.


A moon orbits around a planet. "To be classified as a planet, an object has to go around the Sun, and if it also goes around something else, it must be significantly larger than that secondary object.


An astronomical object that moves (revolves) around a larger object is called a satellite. A natural satellite of a planet is called a moon. ... (and the orbits of other objects, moving around ...


An object moving around a planet is called a satellite. Answer earth moves around from sun and the moon moves around from earth. ... a word for a very large object that moves around the Sun or ...


an object that moves around another object in space; the moon is a satellite of earth. orbit. ... a large object that moves around a star. asteroid. a small riocky object that moves around the sun. comet. a small mass of dust and ice that orbits the sun in a long, oval-shaped path. inner planet.


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PLANETS-is a very large round object that moves around a star. Each planet orbits in a clear path. DWARF planets- are small round objects that move around the sun. They do not obit in a clear path ASTERIOD-a rocky object that orbits around the sun but too small to be considered a planet or even dwarf planet.


the normal force on a car moving around a banked curve is directed upward, exactly opposite the direction of the gravitational force on the car. false the gravitational force of attraction between two objects is larger for the more massive object that for the less massive object


An object moves one-quarter of the way around a circular path. The angular displacement is. ... If the frequency of object A's motion is three times as large as the frequency of object B's motion. ... PHY 103 - PCQ Exam 1 74 Terms. mariakehaulani; Subjects. Arts and Humanities. Languages. Math.