Amway laundry products generally receive positive reviews on, with detergents getting numerous four- or five-star reviews. There are some complaints about lack of stain removal and purchase cost. More » Home & Garden Cleaning Laundry

Laundry detergents work by lowering the surface tension of water, improving its ability to dissolve stains from clothing. Detergents emulsify dirt so it drains with the wash water instead of redepositing on the clothes i... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Laundry

Natural laundry detergent is detergent made using natural and typically sustainable ingredients that are never synthetic. It is important to note that no regulations are able to enforce products claiming to be natural, s... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Laundry
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Amway is a multilevel marketing corporation that promotes direct selling of its products, such grooming products, cosmetics, nutritional supplements and household products for laundry and cleaning. Operating for more tha... More »

According to Dow Corning, silicone is found in many household detergents and laundry products, including laundry detergents, antifoaming agents, fabric softeners and laundry additives. Silicone also is used in polishes, ... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Allergies

Some good laundry detergents for people with allergies include Attitude Baby Laundry Detergent, Sun & Earth Free & Clear Detergent and Wisk Free and Pure, notes Stain Removal 101. For people who have eczema, All Free Cle... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Laundry

Top-reviewed laundry detergents include Wisk Deep Clean, Tide Plus Bleach Alternative Vivid White + Bright, Tide for Cold Water, Cheer Stay Colorful for Darks, and Tide Ultra Free & Gentle, according to ABC News. ABC New... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Laundry