There are several complaints about Amsoil products and their customer service. A 2014 Amazon review criticizes Amsoil oil as pricey and claims it is not 100 percent synthetic. A 2012 review states the oil is no different... More »

Some complaints about Derm Exclusive include poor customer service, aggressive sales, unauthorized charges to credit cards, charging credit cards without sending products and sending unordered products, as of 2015. Compl... More »

Find Amsoil oil products at any Amsoil Product Center and online through retailers such as Synthetic Oil Sales and the Amsoil website. Unlike many other motor oil brands, Amsoil does not carry its products in larger reta... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Engine Oil
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As of March 2015, the Better Business Bureau handles many complaints about customer service. It is possible to file complaints through the Bureau's official website by clicking on the Start Your Complaint button at the b... More »

Good customer service involves the knowledge of products offered, the ability to substitute items for customers and the willingness to keep customers happy. Good customer service means that a company or person representi... More »

Customers who have questions, concerns or complaints about Tervis products can call its customer service number at 866-886-2537, as of 2015. The site also provides online help through live chat and email for a variety of... More »