The American Whig party stood for an opposition to tyranny and domestic improvements; they were largely a coalition unified against the policies of Andrew Jackson. The American Whigs derived their name and attitude from ... More »

The Whig Party was formed in 1834 to oppose what its members considered the heavy-handed and tyrannical presidency of Andrew Jackson and his Democratic Party. The name implied hostility to royalty. More »

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A limited government is a political system in which power is controlled by a constitution and divided among different entities in order to prevent tyranny. The governments of the United States and other western democraci... More »

The Whig Party advocated for increased government involvement, especially from the federal government, while the Democrat Party supported less government input. The Whigs originally formed to protest President Andrew Jac... More »

The Conscience Whigs was a New England-based faction of the Whig party known for their moral opposition to slavery. They also opposed the Mexican war and the annexation of Texas, fearing that the resulting extension of s... More »

India faces a number of democratic challenges that may include low voter turn out, minority groups being ignored, too much propaganda and too many short-term policies. The country passed its constitution on November 26th... More »