Samsonite offers repairs for American Tourister luggage under its Worldproof warranty coverage. Samsonite does not perform the actual repair work, but maintains a network of luggage repair service personnel authorized to... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

American Tourister sells several replacement parts for its luggage, including keys, detachable shoulder straps, ID cards and padlocks. Consumers can contact the company's consumer relations department to order replacemen... More »

Luggage repair shops are one place to have the wheels on a suitcase repaired. Some luggage manufacturers repair their own suitcases, especially if the piece is still under warranty. More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories
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Samsonite luggage was made in Denver, Colorado, until 2001, when the factory was closed. After that, a change in ownership moved Samsonite to Mansfield, Massachusetts. Today, Samsonite luggage is made in Europe and China... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

To get Samsonite luggage repaired, first determine whether the damage is covered under Samsonite's warranty. If it is, return the luggage to Samsonite for repair. If the damage isn't covered, Samsonite may repair it for ... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

To reset the combination lock on Samsonite luggage, turn the numbers on the lock to the previous code or to "0-0-0," which is the default combination. Press and hold the reset button on the side of the lock. More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

Tips for repairing the lock on a Samsonite briefcase include resetting the combination back to its original factory setting and changing it to another combination or taking the lock to an authorized repair center. Anothe... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories