Natty Bumppo is the hero of "The Leatherstocking Tales," a series of five novels that depict life in early frontier America. In the novels he has many aliases, including Deerslayer, Hawkeye, Pathfinder, Leatherstocking a... More » Art & Literature Literature Classics

The romantic hero in the King Arthur legend is Lancelot, according to the Camelot Project. Some versions of the legend claim that King Arthur's wife Guinevere had a lengthy affair with Lancelot, her true love. More » Art & Literature Literature Classics

Examples of traditional romantic heroes are Hawkeye from "Last of the Mohicans" and Victor Frankenstein in "Frankenstein." Captain Ahab from "Moby Dick," Hester Prynne in "The Scarlet Letter," and the title character in ... More » Art & Literature Literature
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Atlanta-based author Mary Kay Andrews’ recent series of novels – “Hissy Fit," etc. – is about life and love in the deep South. The other series of mysteries set in Atlanta – “The Family Jewels,” “Killer Fudge” and 11 oth... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

The epic poem "Beowulf" follows the titular hero on his quest as he saves King Hrothgar's mead hall from the beast Grendel, defeats Grendel's mother, reigns as king and eventually dies gloriously in battle with a dragon.... More » Art & Literature Literature Classics

Odysseus, the hero of Greek legends, displayed many heroic qualities, including strength, cleverness, eloquence and a steadfast devotion to his wife and family despite being separated from them for two decades. As a char... More » Art & Literature Literature Classics

A classical tragedy is the story of a hero (or heroine) who experiences a reversal of fortune set in motion by the gods as a result of hubris. Oedipus is one example of a classical tragedy. More » Art & Literature Literature Classics