Discontinued American Drew furniture pieces and collections may be available through retail or wholesale furniture brokers, discount furniture warehouses or participating retail outlet stores. Selected pieces can also be... More » Home & Garden Furniture

Charles Drew was an African-American doctor responsible for discovering crucial techniques for the storage of blood to be used for future transfusions. His work led to the widespread use of blood banks. More » History Inventions

While the idea of the "American Dream" was first alluded to in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, the phrase "American Dream" first became popular through the writings of James Truslow Adams in his 1931 book "The Epic... More » History Modern History US History
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To find the best prices for used furniture, visit several stores and sales, carefully examine any pieces you want, consider fixing the furniture you own, and then haggle with the seller. Good local options for furniture ... More » Home & Garden Furniture

John M. Smyth Homemakers furniture store closed in 2015 because of the increasing competition from other furniture specialty retailers and larger discount stores such as Target, Costco and Wal-Mart. The John M. Smyth Hom... More » Home & Garden Furniture

The Marge Carson Furniture outlet stores sell Marge Carson items that are either from a previous year or season, or are available in less popular colors or styles, therefore sold at a discount. The outlets offer official... More » Home & Garden Furniture

New England Patio and Hearth in Canton and Wethersfield, Connecticut has both indoor and outdoor furniture collections, as well as accessories and items for fireplaces. The company has an online catalog for viewing colle... More » Home & Garden Furniture