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Find free bedroom sets by searching through local listings on sites such as Craigslist.com and Freecycle.org. Some local newspaper or online news sites that have classified ads also have sections dedicated to free items.


The average American bedroom in new homes is between 120 and 150 square feet. Master bedrooms are typically much larger, averaging more than 200 square feet, without taking into account closet space or a bathroom.


Ideas for a country-style bedroom include using bright, floral patterns for bed covers and drapes and centering a big, elevated four-poster bed in the middle of the room, states Home Design Lover. Use of wooden dressers, nightstands and cabinets is also common for country-inspired rooms.


To keep a bedroom clean, keep a schedule for regular tasks, like washing the sheets and dusting surfaces, attend to other tasks while cleaning the bedroom, make the bed every day, put away clothing immediately and dedicate spaces for all types of storage. Combining daily tasks with weekly or monthly


The worth of an antique bedroom set depends on its age, maker and design. Other factors that influence the cost of an antique bedroom set include its quality, rarity condition and provenance. The set's uniqueness greatly impacts its value.


Some fun bedroom painting ideas include using bright colors such as orange or dark colors such as black, and using more than one color in the room. While unconventional, these colors can add a fun and interesting effect to any bedroom. Some other color options include classics such as electric blue


Key aspects of bedroom decoration include seating, window treatments, wall ornamentation, color patterns and furniture design. Decorate a bedroom by adding stylish seating to make the room feel more inviting, suggests Good Housekeeping. Make sure to situate seating away from closets or dressers to p


Decorating the bedroom in a coastal theme is one idea. Other ideas for decorating a bedroom include adding seating, filling a wall with a large piece of art and having his and hers night stands.


Decorating ideas for small bedrooms include creating a focal point, choosing a smaller bed to make the room appear bigger, applying bold themes and investing in creative, space-saving storage. To make the room unique, the decorator can choose fabrics with vivid colors and expressive patterns.


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