AMC Hampton Towne Centre 24 is located at 1 Town Center Way in Hampton, Virginia.,,, and provide the latest movie listings and show times for movi... More » Art & Literature

The AMC Neshaminy has 24 individual screens for viewing movies. It features an IMAX screen and theaters equipped for Real 3D programming. Typically, the theater will not feature 24 separate films. Several screens may be ... More » Art & Literature,,, and are some websites to look up movie listings and show times for AMC 24 theaters. AMC 24 theaters have numerous locations across the Un... More » Art & Literature
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AMC operates eight movie theaters with the words "Town Center" in their names, as of 2016. These are spread among five states. Commonly, the theaters are called by a place name relative to the location, such as "Hampton"... More » Art & Literature

Hampton University, located in Hampton, Virginia, is set apart from others schools because of its deep, historical roots in African-American culture. Its school motto, "The Standard of Excellence," speaks to its commitme... More » Education Colleges & Universities

The location of AMC theaters is available under the ‘find a theatre’ section on AMC Theatre’s official website,, as of September 2015. Patrons can search for theaters based on ZIP code, city or state. Pat... More » Art & Literature

Movie schedules for AMC theaters can be found on AMC's official website. The user will first need to set their location to access schedules of local AMC theaters. More » Art & Literature