You can end your Amazon Prime membership on The website has different sections for ending an Amazon Prime free trial and ending a full membership. Have your Amazon user ID and password on hand in order to log... More »

With an Amazon Prime membership, consumers receive free two-day shipping, access to Amazon's instant videos and are able to borrow books from Amazon's Kindle library. The cost of an Amazon Prime membership varies dependi... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To cancel your Amazon Prime free trial membership, click on Your Account in the upper right corner, and click on Manage Prime Membership under the Settings section. Click Do Not Continue for the Amazon Prime free trial. ... More »

The price for Amazon Prime is found on The price is $99 a year for most members or $49 a year for students, as of 2015. This includes free two-day shipping, access to the Kindle owner's library and free acces... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Customer Service

People get refunds when they cancel their Amazon Prime accounts within three days of signing up or converting free accounts to paid accounts as of 2015. Amazon may withhold money from the refund, or charge customers, for... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Customer Service

To cancel an Amazon Prime free trial, click the Your Prime Membership link within the Your Account dropdown menu on Amazon's homepage. In the menu on the left side of the screen, the status of the account is displayed, a... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Customer Service

Amazon Prime is a paid program offered by that provides several services and benefits to members. Amazon Prime services include free two-day shipping on eligible purchases and access to the Prime Instant Video... More »