Amazon gift card holders can find their remaining card balance by registering the card to an existing Amazon account. Amazon's system automatically records any gift cards that were applied using an online account or regi... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

After applying gift cards to an account, customers can check card balances by selecting the View Gift Card Balance link on the Your Account menu, according to Amazon. Amazon automatically applies any remaining... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

Amazon accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express gift cards. It also accepts Amazon Gift Cards. More » Business & Finance Corporations
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To check the balance on an Amazon store card, log into your Amazon card account on Synchrony Bank. This account is used to make one-time and recurring payments, view billing statements and check the statement due date. T... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Target REDcard account holders may make payments on the retailer's website by clicking Make a Payment, choosing the payment amount, the date they wish payment to be made and the bank account they'd like to use for paymen... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

Debit cards are directly linked to a checking account, explains the Federal Trade Commission, so any money spent comes directly out of the checking account, making it almost impossible to accumulate a balance that needs ... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

Check the balance on a JH Preferred debit card by logging into your account on or through the official mobile app's Account Balance page, as of 2016. The balance may not immediately reflect recent withdra... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking