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Examples of companies that provide live chat options for customer service include Microsoft, which provides assistance with inquiries ranging from purchasing issues to technical support, and SanDisk, which provides technical help as part of its Global Customer Care program. Other examples include AT


Although Amazon doesn't officially list a customer service number, according to Slate, its customer service number is 800-201-7575, as of 2014. Slate acquired this number by requesting it from Amazon's corporate headquarters. GetHuman also suggests calling 866-216-1072, with extension zero, to reach


Customers can contact customer service by phone, email or chat, as stated by Amazon. To contact customer service from the U.S. or Canada directly call 1-866-216-1072, as of 2015.


To access AT&T's Live Chat service, visit the company's Contact Us page and select the service you require assistance with. The options are Wireless, Digital TV, Internet, Home Phone and Home Security. Click on the relevant service, and then click "Chat Now" under the words Live Chat.


You can contact Apple's customer service for sales and technical support via live chat through the Apple website. For sales customer service, choose a product category at the top of the page, and select a specific product. The chat option is available at the bottom of the page.


Google Hangouts, Facebook Video Chat, AnyMeeting, Meetings.io and TinyChat are some of the most highly regarded and popular free chat services, as of 2015. Each of these services allow users to enjoy fast, hassle-free video chatting without requiring the download of a client or an application.


Some free, one-on-one chat services included Omegle, Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Video Chat, AnyMeeting, Meetings.io and TinyChat. Omegle is a Web service that allows users to talk to strangers, while Skype is used to contact known individuals.


U.S. customers can reach Amazon.com, one of the world's largest online retailers, through a toll-free general help line at 888-280-4331. International customers may call 206-266-2992; however, calling this number may result in phone charges.


A few of the most popular online chat services are Skype, Discord and IRC. These all offer different types of services that are used by different people in different situations.


Live chat is a web-based chat session between a customer and a company representative. A current or potential customer communicates in real-time about support issues ranging from technical support to questions about available products.