Allied Waste, renamed Republic Services in 2008, provides waste and recycling services to residential and business customers. For residential customers, these services include solid waste, bulk waste, yard waste, hazardo... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Allied Waste Industries provides waste management services to residential, municipal, commercial and industrial clients throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. In 2008, this company was acquired by Republic Service... More » Science Environmental Science

BFI Waste Management was a waste management company based in Houston, Texas. BFI operated landfills and trash hauling services between 1968 and 1999. It was sold to Allied Industries in 1999, and its name and brand were ... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Republic Services, which owns Allied Waste, provides disposal of solid, bulk, organic and hazardous waste. It provides sharps and needle disposal and dumpster rentals. The company offers recycling of aluminum cans, metal... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Customer Service

Republic Services issues a bill to either its residential or business customers to charge for the recycling and waste disposal services that it provides. As of 2015, Republic Services allows its customers to pay their bi... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

Allied Waste Services, now called Republic Services, offers curbside trash pickup and help with recycling yard waste, bulk waste and household hazardous waste; the company covers both residential and commercial customers... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Republic Services, which acquired Allied Waste in 2008, provides local holiday pick-up schedules on its website. To find your local regular and holiday schedules, enter your address and ZIP code into the fields in the Re... More »