To view the flight schedule for an Allegiant Air flight, visit and click on Flight Status. Choose the date, the departure airport and the arrival airport from the drop-down menus, and click the Check Sta... More » Geography

Which airline offers the better deal depends on numerous factors, such as arrival and departure cities, flight time and when the ticket is purchased. As of July 2015, Allegiant Air typically flies based on customer deman... More » Geography

As of 2015, Allegiant Air flies to the Tri-Cities area of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia from the Florida cities of Tampa and Orlando. Flights land at Tri-Cities Regional Airport, serving the cities and surro... More » Geography
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To check in online for an Allegiant Air flight, visit the home page and click on Check-in. Enter your information, verify your seat and number of bags, and print your boarding pass. More » Geography

To check a flight's status on Allegiant Air's website, select the Flight Status tab near the top of the home page. If the website is unavailable for any reason, global flight-tacking sites such as Flight... More » Geography

As of 2015, Allegiant Air offers specials on its website, This airline provides specials based on the customer's home airport. From the main page of the airline's website, click on the button near the t... More » Geography

Allegiant Air reservations may be made online at or at the airport ticket counter. The airline prefers advanced reservations but does allow passengers to make last minute bookings. Reservations made with... More » Geography