Penguins are flightless, aquatic birds that, outside of zoos, live exclusively in the southern hemisphere. All species are black and white, are very social, and divide their time fairly equally between land and water. More »

There are many sources where a person can find facts about penguins, including books on birds, National Geographic, on television shows like Discovery that feature different animals and the Smithsonian Magazine. Many of ... More » Pets & Animals Birds

Penguins are flightless birds that almost appear to wear little tuxedos because of their coloring. Their white and black coloring is actually camouflage from predators since their white bellies blend with the surface of ... More »

Little blue penguins are just 12 inches tall and weigh roughly 2 to 3 pounds, making them the smallest penguin species in the world. Some scientists believe that little blue penguins are among the first penguin species t... More »

All known species of penguins live naturally in the southern hemisphere of the world. They actually occupy habitats which are located on each of the five continents within the southern hemisphere. More »

Penguins are a family of flightless, aquatic birds. Distinguished by their typical black and white color scheme, a type of camouflage called "countershading," penguins spend as much as three-fourths of their lives in the... More »

There are no penguins in Alaska other than in zoos. Penguins are natives of the Southern Hemisphere. The northernmost population is on the Galapagos Islands, which lie on the equator. More » Pets & Animals Birds Penguins