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To make bread flour from all-purpose flour, measure out the same amount of all-purpose flour as the required amount of bread flour. Add in gluten flour, and mix.


Plain flour is the same as all-purpose flour. It is an combination of hard and soft wheat and generally contains 8 to 11 percent wheat protein or gluten.


All-purpose flour does eventually expire and should be discarded. All-purpose flour can be safely stored at room temperature for 1 year.


The main difference between all-purpose flour and bread flour is the percentage of protein in the product. Converting all-purpose flour to bread flour simply requires the addition of vital wheat gluten.


For dry goods like all-purpose flour and confectioner's sugar, 180 grams is equivalent to approximately 1 1/2 cups or 6.5 ounces. Dry weight of foods and other items can vary slightly, so the same conversions do not apply to other items.


All-purpose flour can be used in several Filipino recipes. Puto, pandesal and shakoy are some of the Filipino foods that make use of all-purpose flour.


All purpose flour, bread flour, cake flour and coconut flour are some different types of flour. All purpose, bread and cake flours are most commonly made from wheat.