As with any altered image, a quick visual inspection is all that is needed to discredit photos of extraterrestrials. The viewer should be mindful of inconsistent quality, curved and bending surfaces, and unusual or shift... More » World View Paranormal

UFO researcher Tom Carey claims to possess authentic photographs of an alien body that was supposedly uncovered from the alleged 1947 UFO crash known as the Roswell Incident. He unveiled these photos at the Be Aware even... More », and YouTube offer a variety of alien video footage. Each claims that the footage is clear and authentic. Footage is available for aliens, alien autopsies and alien spacecraft. More » World View Paranormal

Major theories about Area 51 include that the facility is used for examining and dissecting aliens and that the facility is used to store and reverse-engineer technology from alien spacecraft. Area 51 is a military base ... More »

Some paranormal explanations for Mothman sightings include the presence of aliens or UFOs and the indication of a future tragedy. Skeptics attribute the sightings to misidentified planes, hoaxes, pranks and a red-eye eff... More » World View Paranormal

Although no conclusive evidence of aliens has been found, some scientists believe it is likely that some kind of extraterrestrial life does exist somewhere in the universe. However, the stories of alien encounters on Ear... More »

Sometimes, aliens in pop culture are depicted as human-like, with certain altered features. Other aliens are depicted as smaller creatures, usually with wrinkles or animal-like features. Some aliens are designed to appea... More » World View Paranormal