According to, the first and perhaps the most important step to solving an algebra word problem is to read the problem carefully through to the end before trying to solve any part of the problem. This appr... More » Math Algebra

An example of a pre-algebra word problem is found in the following: A football player wants to load up with carbohydrates the night before a game. He wants to eat no more than 2,000 calories. He is eating pancakes and sy... More » Math Algebra

From the ancient Babylonians to Islamic mathematicians to French philosophers, the history of algebra is the history of solving problems. With the rhetorical algebra of the Babylonians in BCE 2000, working with non-numer... More » Math Algebra

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The word "algebra" originally comes from the word "al-jabr" in Arabic, which means restoration or reunification. "Al-jabr" was used to refer to the process of simplifying equations that is used in algebra. More »

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