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Alaskan Sourdough Starter From: Frontiersman Sourdough (Anchorage)Description: Dehydrated artisanal Alaskan sourdough made with 100% organic ingredients, ...


Sourdough has a long and storied history among Alaskan locals. Settlers traveling north during the Klondike Gold Rush carried sourdough starter in their ...


Dissolve yeast in water, add sugar & potatoes. Stir until dissolved. Let stand at room temperature all day or overnight before refrigerating. Starter should be ...


Made in Alaska. 39 Sourdough recipes by Kathy Doogen, icluding a free sourdough starter packet!


With our guidance, you can master everything from a chewy sourdough boule to ... Classic Fresh Sourdough Starter ... Alaskan Sourdough Yeast Bread Mix.


Turn out a warm loaf of traditional sourdough bread with a chewy texture, a mild sourdough flavor, and a crunchy crust. Shape into a rustic boule, bake in a ...


Handmade Organic Sourdough Breads. Organic Alaskan Sourdough a simple bread for every purpose. ... WHERE TO BUY OUR BREAD in Wisconsin and Minnesota.


Goldrush Sourdough Starter. Regular price $5.00 Sale. Default Title. Quantity. Add to cart. Looking to bake some bread? Try these sourdough starters!


Purchase our organically cultured sourdough starters. Made using the highest quality ingredients ... Organic Alaskan Sourdough Starter. £7.75 Add to basket ...


For thousands of years, sourdough starter has been used to naturally leaven ... across the plains and another that a friend from Alaska shared with me.


Wild Alaska ancient grain sourdough starter prepared with 10000 year old glacial water and stone-ground barley. Experience the best of the pristine Alaska ...