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Some major landforms in Alaska include Mount McKinley, the Kenai Peninsula, the Aleutian Islands and part of the Rocky Mountains. The geographical regions that cover Alaska include the Alaska Mountain Range, the Inside Passage, the Arctic Coastal Plain, the North Slope ...


The landforms of Texas include swamps, beaches, river valleys, huge prairies, high plains and mountains. Texas is divided into the six distinct geographical regions of East Texas, the Gulf Coast, Rio Grande Valley, Blackland Prairies, High Plains and West Texas.


The four main types of landforms are mountains, plateaus, plains and hills. A landform is defined as any natural feature on the Earth's surface, which includes other minor landforms such as valleys, buttes, basins and canyons.


Major landforms include plains, plateaus, hills and mountains, whereas minor landforms encompass smaller natural features such as buttes, canyons, valleys and basins. These landforms came about as the result of erosion on the earth's surface and tectonic plate activity ...


Landforms are divided into 11 major categories: Aeolian, coastal and oceanic, erosion, fluvial, impact, karst, lacustrine, mountain and glacial, slope, tectonic and volcanic. Within these groupings are many landform subtypes.


Some of the major landforms in Africa include the Kaapvaal craton and Cape Floral in South Africa, Atlas Mountains, Ethiopian Highlands, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya, Sahara Desert, Congo River Basin, Nile River System and the Great Rift Valley. Africa is the second l...


Major landforms in Mississippi include the Mississippi Plain; Coastal Plain; coastal wetlands; Mississippi, Pearl, Big Black and Yazoo rivers; Ross Barnett Reservoir; Mississippi Sound; and Enid, Grenada and Sardis lakes. Other significant landforms include the Pascagou...