A water alarm alerts property owners of a water leak to help prevent severe damage. The alarm may monitor the water level of a basement floor, leakage in a washing machine or any other situation in which displaced water ... More »

Monitronics Security offers alarm systems for homes, which include a pet-sensitive motion detector, door and window sensors, keychain remote, touch-screen keypad and a yard sign with window decals. Standard services incl... More »

To deactivate a car alarm system, turn the system off when the alarm starts to sound or to prevent the alarm system from sounding. To do the former, unlock the car, and to do the latter, remove the fuse of the alarm syst... More »

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To fix a leaky water heater, the owner should first determine where the leak is occurring. The five major points for leaks are the cold-water inlet, hot-water outlet, the pressure relief valve, the drain or the tank. All... More »

A water heater cabinet is an enclosed space containing a property's water heater. The cabinet allows ample space around the heater and has a large opening giving easy access for repairs and maintenance. More »

Inficon produces several models of Helium vacuum leak detectors, including Helium leak detector UL1000, Dry helium leak detector UL1000 Fab and Dry helium leak detector UL5000. Dry helium leak detector UL1000 Fab is desi... More »

In order to troubleshoot a hot water heater leak, the specific location of the leak must be found. Some common locations of leaks are the pipes that carry water in and out of the water heater, the temperature or pressure... More »