As of 2015, items restricted by airlines include spare batteries, disabling or defensive devices, paint, cigarette lighters and fireworks. Some articles are not restricted from flights but require advance approval, such ... More » Geography

Items on the TSA's restricted or prohibited list are those which are never permitted to be carried on a plane. Passengers may carry on liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes so long as they are stored in containers t... More »

Flammable or hazardous liquids, such as gasoline, paint or pepper spray, are not allowed on airplanes in any quantity. Most common lighters are allowed, but they must be in checked baggage. More » Geography

Butane is often used in cigarette lighters and portable cooking stoves. It is also used as a heating fuel, a coolant, and a propellant in aerosols. More »

Old cigarette lighters are often available on Search for lighters comparable to yours and see what prices are listed. Antique dealers are able to appraise some lighters, but it is best to get multiple opinions ... More » Home & Garden Antiques

The common luggage rules for air travel cover the items allowed in checked or carry-on luggage, according to the guidelines put out by the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA. Individual air carriers adjust th... More » Geography

The Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club is the airline's membership program, which gives members discounts on items such as fares and luggage fees. As of 2015, the program requires a yearly fee to join and remain an active memb... More » Geography