To book flights from the United States on Arkefly, it is necessary to book online at As of 2015, flights on Arkefly are only available from two U.S. cities: Orlando, Florida and Miami, Florida. More »

Korean Air offers several options on its website to check flight schedules. Customers may search flight schedules using the Schedule Search option on the homepage or the Book a Flight option, which is also located on the... More »

To view the flight schedule for an Allegiant Air flight, visit and click on Flight Status. Choose the date, the departure airport and the arrival airport from the drop-down menus, and click the Check Sta... More »

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It is impossible to book a flight with Mexicana Airlines, because the company is no longer operating commercial flights as of 2015. They suspended operations on August 28, 2010, one day after declaring bankruptcy. Med At... More »

The Alaska Airlines website has a Check Flight Status utility that allows travelers and those waiting on flights to see if the flight or flights in question have been delayed or canceled. The Check Flight Status utility ... More »

The Southwest Airlines flight checker allows people to access up-to-date information about Southwest Airlines flights in real time. The online tool provides information about a flight's status, such as whether it is on t... More »

The United Airlines website allows users to search for and book flights, print boarding passes, check flight statuses and manage MileagePlus accounts. The website offers tools for travelers to prepare for upcoming trips. More »