An aircast boot is a type of cast that features air cells to help heal foot and ankle injuries. Changing the amount of air within the cells can help to customize the fit of the boot on the leg. More »

Care for your Sorel boot liners by soaking them in soapy water, rinsing them in clean water and letting them air dry. Spot clean any stains with a damp cloth and warm water. Never machine wash or dry any Sorel boot liner... More »

Boot cuffs are socks without the lower foot portion. They are worn at the ankle, mid-calf or above the knee, depending on boot height. Boot cuffs close the gap between pants, leggings or bare legs and the top of boots, a... More »

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Pair short ankle boots with a pair of skinny jeans in the same color. Short boots also pair well with short dresses and skirts. Avoid looking frumpy by wearing a dress or skirt above the knee with a flat boot. More »

WalkFit Platinum Orthotics are shoe inserts that promote ankle strength, equalize weight distribution, and reduce stress on the feet, legs and spine. Each pair comes with interchangeable height inserts that allow users t... More »

According to Harper's Bazaar, the best boots to wear with jeans are ankle boots and flat equestrian boots. Ankle boots can be worn under jeans without restricting legs, and equestrian boots offer a wide and straight leg ... More »

One of the biggest advantages of wearing low-top basketball shoes is potentially lessening the chance of experiencing an ankle sprain, according to Chappy Callanta for Yahoo! News. The ankle needs to be able to move whil... More »