The interior seating details for the Delta Airbus A330-200 are 34 flat-bed seats with an 80-inch pitch and 21-inch width, set out in a 1-2-1 formation, followed by 32 extra legroom seats with a 35-inch pitch and 18-inch ... More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters

Individuals read Airbus A330-200 seat maps by viewing them through third-party websites such as or through an airline company's website if that company has the plane in its fleet. An Airbus A330-200 seat map... More »

The Airbus A380 typically includes three rows of passenger seats separated by two aisles on two levels, with the upper deck consisting of business and economy seating and the main deck split between first class and econo... More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters

The seating plan on a Thomas Cook Airbus A330-200 (two-class) comprises seven rows of premium economy seats following a two-three-two configuration and 37 rows of economy seats that mostly follow a two-four-two pattern, ... More »

The Iberia Airbus A340’s seating configuration has 36 Business Plus Class seats and 218 Tourist Class seats, which is the airline’s brand name for the Economy cabin. The airline uses these planes for its long-haul routes... More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters

The First Class or Business Class seats on the Airbus A321 have the most legroom. Extra legroom seats in other classes vary according to the airline and the route, but are normally the bulkhead or exit row seats, particu... More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters

The Airbus A333 seating plan allows up to 300 seats for passengers when configured with a two-class configuration. The purchasing airline can choose between first class and business class, and then the rest of the seatin... More »