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Most Common Airbag Injuries. by The Brown Firm / April 7, 2016 If you are involved in an auto-accident, do not let the airbag or any of its related parts get thrown out. Originally the airbag was a device developed for our safety and protection, but can also be ...


The use of airbags is known to save lives 2, 7 and reduce the incidence of serious injury in non-fatal MVCs (for example they have been shown to reduce the risk of severe facial injury, 8 and produce a one third reduction in serious injuries to the head (J Lenard, et al, 16th International technical conference on the enhanced safety of vehicles ...


Airbags must inflate quickly to be effective in an accident. The speed and force of the airbag can cause eye injuries, burns, irritated skin, and open wounds when it inflates.


Airbag Injury Types. Because so many different body parts are exposed to airbags, the types of injuries that occur can be varied. Some common reasons airbags can cause such trauma are the rapidity with which an airbag deploys, the substances used in the airbag, and whether or not persons in the vehicle were using their safety restraint (seatbelt).


Since the airbag must deploy rapidly and with great force to provide protection, injury from airbag contact can occur and is typically limited to minor abrasions and burns.


Airbag Injuries and Car Accidents When your car accident injuries are caused -- or made worse -- by the deployment of an air bag, here's what you need to know. Updated By David Goguen , J.D.


Distance from the air bag is the most important factor in preventing air bag injuries, according to background information on the web site of the National Highway Transportation Safety ...


Roberts D, Pexa C, Clarkowski B, Morey M, Murphy M. Fatal laryngeal injury in an achondroplastic dwarf secondary to airbag deployment. Pediatr Emerg Care. 1999 Aug; 15 (4):260–261.


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While rare, airbag injuries have the potential to cause life-changing trauma. These safety devices may exacerbate accident injuries or cause harm as a result of an accidental airbag deployment. Types of Airbag Injuries. Airbag deployment can lead to a range of injuries to a number of parts of the body.