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The Air Jordan 23 is the 23rd version of the Air Jordan line of sneakers. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, the Air Jordan 23 was released in 2008 and features an embossed Michael Jordan signature at the toe in addition to a stitched upper pattern.


Buy Air Jordan sneakers online through retailers such as Nike, SneakerHead.com, Foot Locker, Flight Club and Amazon.com, as of May 2015. Nike, Foot Locker and Flight Club each operate physical retail stores that carry Air Jordans, with each company offering store locati...


The first Air Jordan shoe was produced for the 1984-1985 basketball season. Before the 1985 Air Jordan, all basketball shoes were white. Shortly after they came out, the NBA banned the Air Jordan for its use of non-regulation colors. Michael Jordan wore his namesake bra...


Some popular types of Air Jordans include the inaugural pair which was created in 1984 known as the Jordans I; Jordans XI which were released in 1995, Jordans III's reintroduced version from 2011 and Jordans VI. Special editions of some of these Jordans were released in...


Nike released the original Air Jordan shoes in 1984. The shoes' colorful aesthetic and direct association with Michael Jordan's rising fame launched a new era of creatively designed basketball sneakers.


Flight Club Air Jordan 11 shoes are available for purchase from Flight Club and eBay.com. Flight Club started in 2005 as a trusted source for buying and selling quality sneakers.


Sneaker News, Kicks on Fire and Nice Kicks all catalogue Air Jordan release dates. Sneaker News and Kicks on Fire both categorize release dates by month, including already released sneakers. Nice Kicks focuses on upcoming release dates.