To make a custom potpourri air freshener, gather some fresh flowers, hang them upside down, and leave the flowers until they are dry. You can obtain flowers that have already been dried as well. Place the dry flowers in ... More » Home & Garden Decor

One way to make a homemade air freshener is to use a blend of essential oils according to your preference. The oils can be blended with water or vinegar and sprayed, wiped or simmered on the stove. More » Home & Garden Cleaning Smell Removal

Popular air fresheners include essential oils, baking soda, vinegar and house plants. Essential oils of cedar, lavender, citronella, grapefruit and lemon are concentrated sources of fresh, uplifting aromas without artifi... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Smell Removal
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Kirkland's offers home decor products such as bowl filler, potpourri, decorative bowls, plates and picture frames. also offers customers a discount home decor section, which includes candlestick holders, ca... More » Home & Garden Decor

You can make your own potpourri using flowers and other natural ingredients. It is easy to create the unique mixture and scents you desire. More » Food Cooking

Some uses for custom vinyl wall stickers include personalized family decor, individualized children's bedroom decorations, growth charts and unique interior design accents. Many vinyl decal retailers allow customers to c... More » Home & Garden Decor

Create a custom safety sign by using an online sign-making template from a custom signage company. Companies that provide safety sign templates include Accuform Signs, and Select a specific... More » Home & Garden Decor