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As of 2016, air conditioners cost between $99 and $1,500. Air conditioner pricing varies based on the retailer, type of air conditioner and the brand. Generally, window and wall air conditioners cost less than portable air conditioning units.


Air conditioner unit prices vary widely based on the type and BTU rating. As of 2015, prices at HomeDepot.com range from $115 for the least expensive window unit to $5,054 for a built-in unit with a heater (prices do not include installation).


Replacement parts for air conditioners are sold through home improvement and hardware stores such as The Home Depot, specialty parts retailers such as Repair Clinic and through mass retail websites such as Amazon. Internet auction sites such as eBay also feature many li...


The cost of replacing an air conditioner compressor ranges anywhere between $550 and $2,400 as of 2015. Factors such as the model of the air conditioning unit, the faulty components and the refrigerant used influence the cost of replacement.


To replace an air conditioner compressor, turn it off, remove the refrigerant, cut the copper lines running to and from it, remove the base unit, mount the new compressor and reinstall everything. Replace the filter-drier for the refrigerant, then run dry nitrogen throu...


The different types of air conditioners include window air conditioners, portable air conditioners, split or ductless air conditioners, tower air conditioners, and central air conditioners. Air conditioners are installed in windows, they have the ability to roll across ...


A typical 1- to 3-inch air conditioner filter should be replaced every two months, according to Service Experts. If the air conditioner is in a seldom-used home, or if the home is occupied by one person with no pets, then the filter should be replaced every six to 12 mo...