Korean Air's baggage allowance policies differ according to the class of seat purchased as well as the travel route being used. An economy-class passenger travelling from North America or Transpacific regions, for exampl... More »

Depending on the cabin selection and destination, Air China allows between one and two pieces of carry-on baggage, weighing between 5 kilograms and 8 kilograms, plus one to two pieces of checked baggage weighing between ... More »

As of 2015, the baggage limit for Korean Air flights is one personal item plus two carry-on items in First/Prestige class or one carry-on in Economy class. Korean Air does not limit the number of checked bags but may cha... More »

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The checked baggage allowance for Jet Airways varies according to route and ticket class, but it typically includes two pieces totaling no more than 30 kilograms for economy class, 40 kilograms for première class and 50 ... More »

E-ticket receipts include key flight information such as the reservation number, e-ticket number, airfare and airport tax information, form of payment, class and baggage allowance. They may also include information such ... More »

The weight limit for checked baggage on Jet Airways varies according to the seat class and route but is generally 30 kilograms in economy class, 40 kilograms in première class and 50 kilograms in first class, spread betw... More »

The website for Korean Air is Air travelers can perform a variety of functions on the site, including booking a flight, checking in for a flight, finding a flight status, choosing a seat and contacting the... More »