The easiest way to determine the age of your Noritake China is to use a Noritake tableware pattern guide, advises the Noritake Collector's Guild. The distinctive patterns of each era of Noritake china make age identifica... More » Home & Garden Antiques

To determine the age of Royal Worcester China, look for the factory mark, the number below that mark and the letter code. People interested in the china's dates should use the factor mark guide from the Worcestor Porcela... More » Home & Garden Antiques

China's population grew rapidly from 1949 to 1980 due to high birth rates and low death rates, according to Asia for Educators from Columbia University. The 2010 Chinese census put the population at 1.34 billion, as repo... More » World View Social Sciences Population & Demography
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Noritake china is stamped on the bottom of the piece with the name “Noritake” along with the pattern name. Some older pieces have a four-digit code rather than a pattern name. The company maintains a database that matche... More » Home & Garden Kitchen Tableware

To appraise Mikasa china, you need to check the back of the plates for the pattern name or number and then research the pattern name or number online to get a rough estimate of what it is worth. Next, take it to an appra... More » Home & Garden Antiques

To find information on prices for Limoges, use an antiques price guide. sells a paperback price guide that is dedicated to Limoges china, and features a price guide with 10 referenc... More » Home & Garden Antiques

Identify depression-patterned glassware by comparing its pattern to a pattern guide. A pattern guide contains examples of a pattern along with date of manufacture. Manufacturers have produced depression glassware in patt... More » Home & Garden Antiques