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Demographic dividend refers to the growth in an economy that is the result of a change in the age structure of a country's population.


... see the gender and age structure of a population. There are different shapes to the pyramids which tell us different things about the population of the country.


Age-dependency ratios are a measure of the age structure of the population. ... demographic shifts that have characterised OECD countries in the past and that ...


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DATASET CONSTRUCTION DETAILS: This dataset is compiled from demographic age/sex structure proportional data, sourced on a country-by- country basis.


number of countries. A 10 percentage point increase in the middle-aged share of the population decreases output volatility by 15 percent for the average country.


Mar 25, 2020 ... Low-income countries also differ from high-income countries in that they have far fewer elderly citizens, and COVID-19 is not affecting all ...


Population by Age reports are only available for specific countries or areas. ... Learn more about accessing the IDB using the Census API. menu ...


For each dividend, as a country's population matures and reaches a specific age- structure threshold, the benefits of that specific dividend become more likely ...


A way of predicting population changes. POPULATION STRUCTURE. The population pyramid displays the age. and sex structure of a country or given area.


Kenya has the youngest age distribution among the three developing countries, followed by India and Brazil. The differential age structures of the three countries  ...