After-school programs provided by Parks & Recreation centers typically offer free academic enrichment, sports and fitness, supervised computer use, arts and cultural programming and team-building activities. Programs lik... More » Education K-12

Some after-school tutoring programs include the Afterschool Training Toolkit provided by the National Center for Quality Afterschool and 826 Valencia After-School Tutoring programs. Parents can find other tutoring progra... More » Education Homework Help

How Stuff Works suggests a variety of after-school program ideas for kids, including community service programs, exercise and sports programs, exploring the community and science programs. Most successful after-school pr... More » Education K-12
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After-school program activity ideas include homework help, creative arts, physical activity, hobby exploration and fun, hands-on learning activities such as science experiments. Activities should allow for student choice... More » Education K-12

Some good after-school activities include having children act out a book they are reading in school, volunteering at a local animal shelter or charity, and creating a time capsule. Some crafts for after school include ma... More » Education K-12

Parents can access their children's school grades through the use of grading programs such as Jupiter Ed. They may also be able to access the grades through school district web portals, such as the Parent Portal with Chi... More » Education K-12

K5 Learning and International Connections Academy both offer online summer school courses for elementary school kids seeking enrichment in core subjects or electives. Admission is usually on a rolling basis and allows fo... More » Education K-12