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The Amazon river basin rainforest contains a wider variety of plant and animal life than any other biome in the world. The second largest population of plant and animal life can be found in scattered locations and islands of Southeast Asia. ... When early explorers first discovered the rainforests of Africa, Southeast Asia and South America ...


Tropical rainforests are defined by the fact that they are hot and wet, typical of tropical climates. Found near the equator where it is warm, these regions have rainfall year-round, with little to no dry season. The climate of tropical rainforest biome is perfect for plant and animals growth.


Tropical Rainforest Biome Characteristics. In a tropical rainforest biome, there are several characteristics that have been identified. They have rainfall that can occur all year long, and often in heavy volume. It is common for them to get at least 100 inches per year.


The tropical rainforest biome is an ecosystem that covers about 7% of the Earth’s surface. They are found all over the world but the majority of the tropical rainforest lies in South America in Brazil. The weather in the tropical rainforest is rainy yet pleasant all year round, day or night.


Africa - The major tropical rainforest in Africa is in the southern central portion of the continent with the Congo River running through it. There are also rainforests in western Africa and Madagascar. Southeast Asia - Much of Southeast Asia is considered part of a tropical rainforest biome. It runs all the way from Myanmar to New Guinea.


The majority of snakes that inhabit rainforests are non-venomous; however, several species inflict deadly venom with each bite. Africa’s Congo rainforest hosts a variety of venomous snakes like the black and green mambas (Dendroaspis polylepsis and angusticeps), as well as the Gaboon viper (Bitis gabonica) -- the largest, heaviest viper in the world.


The rainforest habitats can be divided into the tropical and temperate categories, found in South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, and North America. Rainforest Animals List of animals that live in the rainforest biome


Africa lost the highest percentage of rainforests during the 1980s of any other tropical region. During 1990–95 the annual rate of total deforestation in Africa was nearly 1%. In the whole of Africa, for every 28 trees cut down, only one tree is replanted.


These biomes or ecosystems are mostly a result of three factors – latitude, humidity and elevation. I plan to eventually feature all the various African biomes in these Africa Beat blogposts but have started with my favorite, the Guinea-Congo Forests.


Facts about Rainforest Biome 6: the temperature. The temperature of rainforest biome is always warm. It never falls down below 68 degrees F and never increases at 93 degrees F. Facts about Rainforest Biome 7: the rainfalls. Every year, the rainforest biome will get around 50 to 250 inches of precipitation.