As of August 2014, African pygmy hedgehogs at local pet shops and breeders typically cost $100 to $150, although they may range from $75 to $250. The exact price is subject to the age, sex, color and temperament of the p... More »

A pygmy giraffe is a breed of giraffe much smaller than the animals found in the African grasslands. This breed grows to about 5 or 6 feet tall and is sometimes kept as a pet. More »

The pygmies of the northern Congo are a forest-dwelling people who rarely stand taller than 5 feet. Of the four main pygmy peoples, the Aka are the ones who dwell in the Northern Congo. The small stature of the pygmies e... More »

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To take care of a hedgehog, a person must buy the appropriate living environment, purchase high-quality food, learn how to handle the hedgehog and watch out for common health issues, such as obesity, anorexia and diarrhe... More » Pets & Animals Pets