African braiding shops braid clients' hair, often using hair extensions, in a variety of braided styles, including cornrows, micros, locks and twists. Shops, or salons, may offer other services, such as dreadlocks, strai... More »

To view a braiding gallery, review the style books at a local salon or visit online galleries such as, and Braiding and beauty salons provide braiding galle... More »

According to, the top three African hair braiding styles are Havana Twists, Micro/Mini Braids and Box/Janet Braids. Havana twists are usually thicker twists, whereas micro/mini braids are smaller s... More »

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Create African-American-style hair twists by twisting sections of hair around itself. Twists last between one and several weeks depending on how well they are maintained. More »

Iverson hair braiding styles are cornrow braids that are arranged in elaborate patterns such as zig-zags and crosses. They are worn by both men and women, generally those with natural African-American hair. More »

Wavy hair is well suited to a variety of short haircuts, from a shoulder-length lob to extremely short pixie and pompadour styles. In this context, the word "lob" refers to a long bob, or a slightly longer version of the... More »

Medium-length hair is also called shoulder-length hair, and it can be worked into a wide variety of styles, depending on hair quality and texture. Some good styles for medium-length hair include bangs with a straight cut... More »