Respiration is a chemical reaction that can be expressed by the equation C6H12O6 plus 6O2 yields 6CO2 and 6H2O. This generally states that glucose and oxygen yield carbon dioxide and water. An aerobic reaction of this na... More » Science Chemistry

The simplified formula for aerobic cellular respiration is C6H12O6 (s) 6 O2 (g) ????????? 6 CO2 (g) 6 H2O (l) energy. The cellular respiration process consumes one molecule of glucose, and turns it into adenosine t... More » Science Chemistry Chemical Equations

Cellular respiration is represented by the chemical formula C6H12 6O2 = 6CO2 6H2O energy (as ATP). Written in word form, the formula is "glucose oxygen = carbon dioxide energy (as ATP)". "ATP" stands for "adeno... More » Science Biology Cells
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The chemical reaction between magnesium and hydrochloric acid produces magnesium chloride and hydrogen. The balanced chemical equation for this reaction is 2HCL(aq) + Mg(s) produces MgCl2(aq) +H2(g), where the subscripts... More » Science Chemistry

Fire is the result of a chemical reaction called combustion, a type of oxidation reaction that occurs when a combustible fuel is exposed to a source of heat in the presence of oxygen. The oxidation of the molecules that ... More » Science Chemistry

The molecules of one reactant are combined with those of another reactant to form a new substance during a chemical reaction. As the chemical bonds are broken, the positions of electrons change, resulting in a product wi... More » Science Chemistry

The chemical reaction for fermentation is expressed as the chemical equation: C6H12O6 ? 2 C2H5OH + 2 CO2. Showing the alcoholic fermentation of glucose as chemical formula C6H12O6, this one glucose molecule is converted ... More » Science Chemistry