The Union of Concerned Scientists says that renewable energy is advantageous because it produces minimal global warming emissions, improves public health, is a perpetual energy supply and ensures stable energy prices. Wi... More » Science Environmental Science Conservation

A renewable source is a substance of significant economic value that can be replenished or replaced in the same amount of time or less it takes to draw the supply down. Some renewable sources have a seemingly endless sup... More » Science Environmental Science Natural Resources

Oil is not a renewable resource because it is a fossil fuel. It takes earth millions of years to produce fossil fuels. More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Engine Oil
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Renewable energy sources do not emit carbon emissions, and these energy sources provide jobs and benefits to economies, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists. The disadvantages of renewable energy include high i... More » Science Environmental Science Human Impact

Renewable energy sources are sources of energy that are theoretically inexhaustible and not derived from fossil fuels or nuclear sources. Examples of renewable energy sources are wind, the sun, water, geothermal and biom... More » Science Environmental Science Conservation

Renewable energy jobs involve the creation and maintenance of a renewable energy grid. Many of these jobs can be found in a diverse array of industries, such as structural and electrical engineering, while others are spe... More » Science Environmental Science Conservation

Saving energy helps the environment in a number of ways, from slowing down the exploration for future energy supplies to reducing the amount of emissions that come from the operation of power plants. The more households ... More » Science Environmental Science Conservation