Advantages of using synthetic ATF oil include better resistance to oxidation, smoother shifting, reduced cost and extended transmission life. It is a good idea to consult the vehicle’s owner’s manual before using synthet... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Transmission

A great advantage of synthetic fibers is that they are more durable than most natural fibers. In addition, many synthetic fibers offer consumer-friendly functions such as stretching, waterproofing and stain resistance. More »

The main difference between a synthetic oil and a synthetic blend is that the blend is made by mixing synthetic and conventional oil together, according to J.D. Power. This blend offers many of the benefits of a syntheti... More »

Advantages of quartz countertops include durability, resistance to stains and a wide selection of colors and designs not available in natural stone countertops. Disadvantages include a higher price tag than other manufac... More »

Advantages of open-pit mining include a lower cost compared with other methods and a higher safety level. Open-pit mining is also better suited to quarries containing smaller amounts of the substance being mined. More »

Advantages of composite decking include low maintenance, pest control, color retention and lower long-term cost. As an alternative to wood decking, composite decking does not require yearly painting, staining or sealing. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials

Advantages for photocopiers include making copies of pages quickly, relatively cheaply and easy correlation of pages, while disadvantages include the need for maintenance, annual servicing and the high cost to purchase. ... More »