Bilingual education helps children enhance their skills, establish a sense of identity and prepares them well for their futures. Those who speak more than one language may be paid a higher salary than those who don't, ac... More » Education K-12

The main difference between bilingual education classes and English as a second language, or ESL, classes is that the teacher will only speak in English during ESL classes, but can speak in both English and the native la... More » Education K-12

Advantages of co-education include a healthy competition and economical viability while the disadvantages of co-education include sexual harassment and a lack of concentration. In many cultures, co-education is the less ... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum
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Reading Eggs is an educational program for children that utilizes interactive animation, songs, stories, puzzles and activities to teach basic phonetic and reading skills to students. The components of the program progre... More » Education K-12

Some benefits of extracurricular activities include improving children’s socialization, keeping kids out of trouble and instilling them with more skills and confidence. Some detriments include overscheduling, stress and ... More » Education K-12

The Brigance report is a standardized educational tool used to identify strengths and weaknesses in language, motor, self-help, social, emotional and cognitive skills in children. It also helps identify early learning de... More » Education K-12

Some children may have difficulties reading due to a learning disability in reading comprehension, role models who may not read much or speak English, inexperience with the concept of reading and the absence of critical ... More » Education K-12