Bilingual education helps children enhance their skills, establish a sense of identity and prepares them well for their futures. Those who speak more than one language may be paid a higher salary than those who don't, ac... More » Education K-12

The main difference between bilingual education classes and English as a second language, or ESL, classes is that the teacher will only speak in English during ESL classes, but can speak in both English and the native la... More » Education K-12

Some advantages of online education include self-paced learning, the opportunity to enhance career knowledge and skills while employed, and lower tuition, says Huffington Post. New, engaging and innovative learning mediu... More » Education Colleges & Universities
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Coloring Castle offers coloring pages designed to help children master basic skills such as writing, recognizing shapes and telling time along with a variety of themed pages to color just for fun. All of the pages on the... More » Education K-12

Dude's Dilemma and Math Monsters are some fun math games that can help children strengthen their addition skills. As of 2015, students can play these freely-accessible games at and More » Education K-12

"Making Words" is a book series that provides lessons, tools and activities for teaching children phonics and spelling skills. Patricia M. Cunningham and Dorothy P. Hall wrote the books, which start at the kindergarten l... More » Education K-12

Reading help for third graders can be found at the SmartTutor website, which offers a range of online lessons and the Reading Rockets website, which offers tips for parents wanting to help their children in third grade d... More » Education K-12