The advantage of a theocracy is that all members of the society theoretically share a set of common values and traditions and are compelled to obey the chief ruler, who is considered immortal and infallible. This helps e... More » Government & Politics Types of Government

Theocracy is a form of government that recognizes a deity as a civil ruler; official policies are implemented and carried out by officials considered guided by the divine. Theocratic governments are generally monopolized... More » Government & Politics Types of Government

The primary advantage of a centrally planned economy is that it allows the government to guide economic growth. Central planning also allow the government to direct resources toward particular areas. It can lead to a str... More » Government & Politics Types of Government
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An advantage of aristocracy as a form of government is that it prevents political power from residing with one person but rather distributes it among an elite who are theoretically best qualified to rule. A disadvantage ... More » Government & Politics Types of Government

According to, Frederick the Great was called an enlightened despot because his mother raised him with the values and education of the Enlightenment, and as ruler of Prussia, he sought to instill these value... More » History Modern History Modern Europe

Cultural factors are the established beliefs, values, traditions, laws and languages of a nation or society. These factors also include the artistic values, marriage customs and religious beliefs that are indigenous to a... More » World View Social Sciences Cultures & Traditions

The ancient Hebrew nation is a prime example of theocracy because the nation was ruled by God through the human prophet Moses, who conveyed his words and laws to his people. In the Muslim culture, a theocracy existed as ... More » Government & Politics Types of Government